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350 acres - a hunters paradise! Located less than 2 hours North of Dallas in SE Atoka County, Oklahoma.

A hunting paradise!!

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If you want solitude, peace and quiet....We have it!  Here it is.  Located on a dead end road.  A county maintained gravel road is next to the property.

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A super nice, comfortable, country home.A refurbished 2005/2006 Cavilier double wide mobile home with 2000+ sq. ft.

A deck surrounds the entire house. The screened in back deck is 80 ft.  The deck was added in 2015.  There are 4 bedrooms (master bedroom has a massive walk-in closet), 3 full baths, kitchen with center isle, dining area, 2 living areas and a nice utility room.

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A variety of song birds (including cardinals) make this their home.  The bird feeders and ample water draw them.

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5 years of wildlife management has attracted a variety of wildlife.  There are 13 deer feeders placed around the property plus 20 acres of food plots.

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Waking up to deer and turkey in your front yard is quite common.  There are 3 enclosed hunting/ viewing stands and 3 large platforms for hunting blinds.  Truly a hunters' paradise.

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The property is 100% off grid, powered by solar and backed by a propane generator

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There is an amazing system of trails for hiking, camping, horseback riding and ATVs.

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Water comes from a 100 ft well.  Owners say it is a great well with no sulfer or any other other taste.

The soil throughout the property is sandy.  There are many year round springs, both above and below water.

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 There are 4 ponds and 3 large lake possibilities.  The owner says the creek is a year round creek plus many live springs.

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The house has decks all around .... you can watch the wildlife from all directions.   The front and back decks are covered.

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The property is fenced on all sides.  The garden area is high fenced....I wonder why???? 

An amazingly beautiful property.

                           Priced at $1,975 per acre ($691,250) -  call Cheyenne at 918-557-5308                              

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