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A 36 acre mini ranch......a beautiful, restful piece of property.

Not often can you find such a neat, comfortable, liveable place...but we did and here it is!

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The home was built in 1989 and has been meticulously maintained by its one owner.  The home has 1943 sq. ft.   It is a solid house.  The wall studs are 2 x 6 and the insulation is batting plus blown in.  It is on Atoka Rural water and Choctaw Electric Cooperative.  The septic has a 1000 gal tank and over 300+ of lateral lines.

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There is a crab apple tree.   Already this spring there are small apples.  The deer love them and often visit this front yard.  The yard has blueberry bushes, crepe myrtle trees, wisteria and a super great garden spot.

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There are 2 large ponds - one is stocked with crappie and one is stocked with bass.

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The pasture is lush.   The owner says he consistantly cut 137-140 round bales of hay plus ran 25 cows.   The pasture is improved bermuda, rye and fescue and is cross fenced

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A covered patio is off of the kitchen/living room "L".  The pasture views are picture perfect.

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The kitchen is roomy with good counter top space and a well planned pantry.

The cabinets are solid oak.  It would be so easy to update with some different cabinet doors and a different counter top. However, it is so neat and easy to move around in you could enjoy it the way it is.

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The living room/dining room combination has a great built in china cabinet.  The large living room has a built in desk.  Atrium doors take you to the covered patio.

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The home has 3 bedrooms, with walk in closets and nice built-ins.  The home has 2.5 baths.  


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The is a carport beside the house for cars and one in the pastures area for equipment and a shed with an overhang.  The concrete storm cellar on the property was installed about 4 years ago.

glenmc36aerial.jpg (223930 bytes) of all...the property is located on blacktop road in the community of Farris, Oklahoma, a mile South of
State Highway 3 and 3.5 miles from the dam on McGee Lake, a tournament Bass fishing lake.

All of this for $219,500.  Call me to make arrangement for  your viewing.

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