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22.32 amazingly beautiful!

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22.32 acres located West of Atoka, Oklahoma, on State Highway #7.

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The property sits off of the highway on a hill.  There are views all around.

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There is a good pond on the property that serves as a source of water for the abundant wildlife.

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This property has it all.  Water and electricity are on the property.  There is a shed, good fences and a cellar.  There is even a slab of about 2500 sq. ft.  The home on the slab burned and has been totally cleeeeared off of the property..

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The owner had a bench for enjoying all of the amazing views.

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There are trails throughout the property.  The are no restrictions.  It is an ideal place to build your retirement home or have as a weekend get-away.

Priced at $95,500

Call Neta at 580-364-3026 to arrange your viewing.

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